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Turbo Cleaner

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Ford Mondeo Turbo Actuator Electronic 2.0 And 2.2 TDCI 6nw-008-412 712120 G-221 , G-149 , G-221 #

Ford Mondeo Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs From £68 Or From Stock for £80. Lifetime Guarantee, Fixing P132B and P132A.

£96.00 (inc. VAT)

Forte Turbo Cleaner is a specifically formulated spray for diesel vehicles fitted with VNT or variable vane turbos to unstick and clean the turbo vanes inside the turbo, to stop turbo limp mode.

£33.60 (inc. VAT)

Wynns turbo cleaner 200ml , cleans and unblocks sticky turbo vanes , by dissolving the carbon built up inside turbochargers, to help stop limp mode on turbo diesel cars or vans.

£33.60 (inc. VAT)

Diesel_Turbo Cleaner

Turbo vanes are a UK seller of diesel turbo cleaners to fix and stop limp mode by cleaning the carbon from vnt turbos. the turbo cleaner cleans and un-blocks turbochargers to give you your power back 
What are turbo cleaners / What to turbo cleaners do ?

Turbo cleaners are used on vehicles fitted with Variable Nozzle Technology turbochargers.
The purpose of a turbo cleaner is to remove particles of unburnt fuel ( soot / carbon ) built up in the turbo as this soot causes the VNT turbo vanes to stick inside the turbochagers.

Vehicles with the turbo vanes sticking are reducing the vehicle power and efficiency and causing the turbo to have low boost or over boost resulting in the engine management light to come on the dash. This is what causes the car to go into limp mode, check engine light, fault codes on the vehicle. The turbos will not kick in and will also cause many electronic fault  which have to be diagnosed  and repaired by an auto electrician or the vehicle dealer.

The forte turbo cleaner is mixed with the diesel in the fuel tank, easiest diesel turbo cleaner to use on the market, also cleans the EGR valve which will also start clogging up with soot and cleans the diesel injectors so resulting in better fuel economy and improve performance.     3 for the price of one   WOW

Wynns turbo cleaner 200ml , unblocks sticky turbo vanes , by dissolving the carbon inside the turbo without taking the turbocharger off the cars or vans , and gives you the turbo power back, can be used on petrol and diesel vehicles with vnt turbos fitted to clean the turbo vanes, this diesel turbo cleaner comes in a spray can, so just spray in to the air intake pipe on the engine.
Why buy a new turbo when you can clean the turbo vanes yourself 
We recommend that the turbo cleaners should be used on a regular basis every four thousand miles to clean out the turbo vanes, so you do not get the same problem again.

Read the instruction clearly when using the turbo cleaning products, as they vary from the wynns turbo cleaner to the forte turbo cleaner and from cleaning the petrol turbo vanes to cleaning the diesel turbo vanes.

We would like to think these turbo cleaning products can solve 90% of your turbo problems relating to turbo nozzle ring sticking but If the problem has not been solved or comes back, the chances are that the turbo vanes / turbo nozzle ring or turbo actuator need replacing.

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