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Turbo Actuator

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UK seller of replacement turbo actuators for turbo problems with turbo wastegate actuators not working or sticking due to the actuator arm or actuator rod stuck inside the turbocharger

Here at turbo vanes we sell turbo actuators for most makes and models 

what does a turbo actuator do ?

The turbo actuator works by opening and closing the turbo wategate or turbo vanes, therefore controlling the amount of exhaust gases that passes the turbine wheel and regulates the turbo boost output.

Turbo actuators are a mechanism that supplies a switching or actuation force to the turbo vanes / turbo wastegate through a nipple on the actuator. The more vacuum that is applied to the turbocharger actuator the more the turbo vanes or turbo wategate will open or close.

The vacuum turbocharger actuators consists of small, sealed chamber which is equipped with a close-fitting piston or captive diaphragm. An actuator arm ( mechanical link )  is then connected to the turbo vane control pin or turbo rod 
other types of actuators which we also stock are the electronic turbo actuators