Turbo Wastegate, Turbo Vanes, Turbo Actuator and Turbo Cleaners 
Turbo Vanes UK are suppliers of turbo wastegate, turbo actuator, electronic turbo actuator, turbo cleaner and turbo gaskets to solve common turbo problems. 
Turbo Vanes is here to help you with common turbo problems and faults related to VNT turbo vanes sticking (turbo nozzle ring) or turbo actuator not working , turbo whistle , limp mode , over boost and under boost for most turbocharger brands including garrett turbo, kkk and mitsubishi turbo.

What causes a turbo whistle or turbo whistling noise ?
Turbo whistle is normally caused by either an air leak on the engine , so check all the air system from air box
to turbo, and turbo to intercooler, intercooler to inlet manifold, both inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets and finally
turbo to exhaust pipe,this can easily done by using a gas leak or smoke test machine,which most vehicle
diagnostic garages can do for you at low cost.

The other thing which can cause a turbo to whistle is the turbo nozzle ring or turbo vanes get stuck with
carbon,causing the turbo vanes to be stuck in full boost and overspeed the turbochargers beyond its standard
speed/ balancing range causing a turbo whistle. These turbo problems are caused by either injectors
not working properly,oil in the intercooler or an engine breather problem.

Why buy a new turbocharger when you can repair your own turbo for a fraction of the cost?
Is your turbo diesel car or van suffering from the following turbocharger problems: Loss of power,over boosting,under
boosting,or no power,VNT turbo vanes sticking,low boost,limp mode,low power, limp home mode,turbocharger
actuator sticking,turbo rod stuck,then Turbo Vanes is here to help you or your garage so you can do the
turbo repairs yourself on most petrol or diesel VNT Turbos.

You can do your own cheap turbocharger repair if the turbo cartridge or turbo chra is not damaged,as this turbo part
needs to be balanced on a vsr balancing machine to make sure it is right , as for the rest of the turbo,you can
buy all the turbocharger parts from us at Turbovanes.You can replace the turbocharger actuator,electronic turbo actuator and turbo vains/turbo vanes and turbo gaskets to fit the turbochargers.
Turbo cleaners available from two of the best value & quality turbo cleaner brands on the market Forte turbo
cleaner and Wynn’s turbo cleaner, these can be used for a quick turbocharger repair or clean out of sticky vanes
when the turbocharger vanes are sticking or turbo vanes stuck for both petrol Turbos and diesel Turbos.
Turbochargers with carbon build-up inside the turbo stick onto the variable vanes which causes the
vanes to stick. When using either of these two turbocharger cleaners you DO NOT have to remove
or dismantle the turbochargers, as they will clean the VNT turbo vanes whilst the turbo is still on the car,
and as an added bonus these turbo cleaners will also clean the EGR valve on the engine. 

When your car or van has gone in to limp mode and you have an engine warning light on the dash or an
injector warning light to the dash board, you might also have turbo actuator problems. normally a sticking
turbocharger actuator causes over boost or under boost problems on your vehicles with VNT turbos, Here at
turbovanes we offer both vacuum turbocharger actuators for a cheap turbo repair as well as electronic
turbocharger actuators. Most commonly sold here are the Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci electronic turbo actuator,
jaguar electronic actuator repair  and BMW turbo actuator repair,Mercedes electronic turbo actuator
repair,other electric turbocharger actuators are also available.

Electronic turbocharger actuator can be identified as a ‘black box’ which would be mounted onto the
aluminium housing of the turbocharger which would be connected by a turbo rod to the VNT outside
the turbo.

The new vacuum turbo actuators come with a 12 month guarantee and the reconditioned electronic
turbo actuators also come with a 12 months guarantee both with unlimited mileage guarantee.

Electronic Turbo Actuator

Why buy a new diesel turbochargers when you can repair your own diesel VNT Turbo for a fraction of the
cost by replacing the turbo nozzle ring,turbo vanes or the turbo actuator on your own turbo for a fast and
cheap turbo repair.

VNT Turbo Vanes have replaced the original and older type of turbo wastegate actuator system on most diesel turbochargers. The reason being is to improve fuel economy, to reduce emissions and to make the turbos more responsive even at low speeds.

Turbo Vanes are a row of vanes fitted inside the turbo chargers which will match the boost required from the
engine through the engine revs. The Turbo Vanes or turbo nozzle ring will close there by giving a rapid boost
and response time, and also lower the turbo LAG prone to the wastegate turbo actuator. When the engine is
running at higher RPM the VNT turbo vanes close to maximize exhaust flow, and avoid over speeding or over
boosting and damaging the turbochargers or even damaging the engine.
Turbo Vanes
Turbo Vanes can help you with a choice of brand new quality replacement turbo nozzle ring , turbo vains or turbo vanes as they are called these days, form stock for fast delivery in the UK, the new turbo vanes also come with a 12 months guarantee.

Turbo fitting gasket sets are available from our turbo vanes store, we have a wide rage of VNT turbo gaskets to fit most VNT turbochargers. 
We also offer free technical support before and after sales. Just email , phone or text to request a call back to you or your mechanic.