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Electronic Turbo Actuator

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Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs


UK seller of electronic turbo actuators, we can offer TURBO ACTUATOR REPAIRS and exchange turbo actuator for sale from stock.

The Hella turbo actuators normally become faulty and stop working at high speeds on the motorway or when the turbocharger gets hot. The fault on the turbocharger is either the electronics in the actuator or the vanes sticking in the turbocharger.

Common electronic turbo actuator repairs :

Ford Mondeo electronic turbo actuator repair   2.0 TDCI  115 hp  130 hp   g149  g-149  g221  g-221
Ford electronic turbo actuator repair                 1.8  2.0  2.2  td  TDCI  TDDI etc...
Bmw elecronic turbo actuator repair                  520  530 2.0  3.0  2.0d  3.0d  etc...
Mercedes electronic turbo actuator repair         c200  c220  e200  e220  e270  e320  s320 etc....
VW electronic turbo actuator repair
Volkswagen electronic turbo actuator repair
Audi electronic turbo actuator repair

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Electronic turbocharger actuators  in comparison to vacuum turbo actuators provide a much faster response time and a much more responsive and precise control of the VNT turbochargers.

Electronic turbo actuators are now the chosen control unit of the turbocharger Wastegate for both passenger and commercial vehicles with diesel engines from as small as 1000 cc turbo engine to over 6500cc size engines.

Turbochargers which have electronic turbo actuators can be identified with an electronic ‘black box’ which would be bolted onto the compressor cover of the turbo's which in turn would be connected to an actuator rod inside the turbocharger.

This type of electronic turbo actuator offer faster response than the vacuum turbo actuator, Turbo control is a lot more precise due to the turbo position sensor, this therefore helps to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

Electronic turbo actuator repairs start from £80 depending on damage and will be returned to you normally within 3 days of us receiving the damaged electronic turbo actuator for repairs

Turbo actuator brands we can recondition :
Hella turbo actuator
Garrett turbo actuator
KKK turbo actuator
Borg Warner turbo actuator
Mitsubishi turbo actuator

Popular requests for electronic turbo actuator repairs :

Mondeo turbo actuator repairs or replacement
x type jaguar turbo actuator repairs or replacement
Bmw turbo actuator repairs or replacement
Mercedes turbo actuator repairs or replacement
vw turbo actuator repairs or replacement

Common faults with electronic turbo actuators which can be repaired if the fault is with the turbocharger actuator :

turbo limp mode 
turn engine off the re start the engine and turbo is working again
cutting out when hot
whistling noise
lights coming on dash
engine management light on
no boost on turbo
over boost on turbo

For vaccum turbo actuators please visit this page