Electronic Turbo Actuator

Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs

UK Seller of Electronic Turbo Actuators, we can offer TURBO ACTUATOR REPAIRS and exchange Turbo Actuator for SALE from stock.

Electronic Actuator:

An actuator regulates the turbo pressure within the engine. Without proper pressure control, the turbo would keep forcing air into the engine without adjustment. The actuator guarantees that the turbo pressure is tailored to the specific conditions, ensuring optimal performance for both the turbo and the engine. The Electronic Actuator features electrical circuits that transmit pulses or signals to a motor. This motor, in turn, adjusts the position of the actuator arm connected to the variable vanes. Within the actuator, there are predefined start and stop positions that govern the turbo's boost control. These positions vary slightly for each turbo, rendering each electronic actuator uniquely tailored to a specific unit  

Common Actuator malfunctions:

A malfunctioning turbo actuator typically doesn't result in engine damage but does lead to a decrease in power. This reduced power may be due to partial or complete turbo failure or a lack of power in the vehicle. The actuator comprises multiple components, including an electric motor, plastic worm wheel, and printed circuit boards, all of which can develop weaknesses. In the event of component failure, Turbovanes can provide replacements.

Testing and Remanufacturing a Turbo Actuator : 

Turbovanes has designed an in-house test setup that enables the simulation and testing of the actuator. This test evaluates not only the smooth operation of the actuator but also the optimal functioning of its electronics. At the conclusion of the remanufacturing process, a comprehensive final test is performed to guarantee that the remanufactured product performs as effectively as the original one.


Common Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs:

  • Ford Mondeo Electronic Turbo Actuator repair   2.0 TDCI  115 hp  130 hp g149, g-149, g221, g-221
  • Ford Electronic Turbo Actuator repair          1.8  2.0  2.2  td  TDCI  TDDI etc.
  • BMW Electronic Turbo Actuator repair           520  530 2.0  3.0  2.0d  3.0d  etc.
  • Mercedes Electronic Turbo Actuator repair      c200 c220 e200 e220 e270 e320 s320 etc.
  • VW Electronic Turbo Actuator repair
  • Volkswagen Electronic Turbo Actuator repair
  • Audi Electronic Turbo Actuator repair

If you do not see your car listed in our website, please contact us Turbovanes.com

Electronic Turbocharger Actuators in comparison to vacuum turbo actuators provide a much faster response time and a much more responsive and precise control of the VNT turbochargers.

Electronic Turbo Actuators are now the chosen control unit of the Turbocharger Wastegate for both passenger and commercial vehicles with diesel engines from as small as 1000cc Turbo engine to over 6500cc size engines.

Turbochargers that have Electronic Turbo Actuators can be identified with an Electronic ‘Black Box’ which would be bolted onto the compressor cover of the turbo's which in turn would be connected to an actuator rod inside the turbocharger.

This type of Electronic Turbo Actuator offers faster response than the vacuum turbo actuator, Turbo control is a lot more precise due to the turbo position sensor; therefore, it helps to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

Electronic Turbo Actuator repairs start from £80 depending on the damage and will be returned to you normally within 3 days of us receiving the damaged Electronic Turbo Actuator for repairs.

Turbo Actuator brands we can recondition:

▶️ Hella Turbo Actuator

▶️ Garrett Turbo Actuator

▶️ KKK Turbo Actuator

▶️ Borg Warner Turbo Actuator

▶️ Mitsubishi Turbo Actuator


Popular requests for Electronic Turbo Actuator repairs:

  • Mondeo Turbo Actuator repairs or replacement
  • X-type Jaguar Turbo Actuator repairs or replacement
  • BMW Turbo Actuator repairs or replacement
  • Mercedes Turbo Actuator repairs or replacement
  • VW Turbo Actuator repairs or replacement

Common faults with Electronic Turbo Actuators which can be repaired if the fault is with the Turbocharger Actuator:

◻️ Turbo limp mode 
◻️ Turn the engine off the restart the engine and turbo is working again
◻️ Cutting out when hot
◻️ Whistling noise
◻️ Lights coming on the dash
◻️ Engine management light on
◻️ No boost on the Turbo
◻️ Over boost on the Turbo
◻️ Complete loss of power
◻️ Intermittent low pressure
◻️ ECU error symptoms control
◻️ Fault codes

Typical fault codes shown on diagnostic equipment pointing towards a faulty electronic turbo actuator include:


Several factors can necessitate a turbo actuator repair:

  • Actuator failures can result from various issues like gearbox, connector, or turbo mishandling, water ingress, power loss, or engine vibrations. 
  • Gearbox problems, often due to "sticky vanes," lead to low boost and limp mode. Board connector issues may only manifest when heated. Turbo mishandling can necessitate full actuator replacement. 
  • Damage from foreign objects may require careful evaluation for repair or replacement. Water ingress can cause rust and contamination. Engine vibrations can wear down electronic actuators.
  • Power loss can cause inefficiencies if the actuator fails to open the nozzle ring, impacting turbo performance.

Your have Turbo actuator professionally remanufactured by Turbovanes

Are you in need of remanufacturing a defective actuator? You can conveniently submit a remanufacture request through our website. Turbovanes offers a wide selection of actuator modules from renowned brands like Hella Turbo Actuator (Garrett turbo). If you require remanufacturing for a product that isn't listed on our website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to explore potential solutions.

The Hella Turbo Actuators normally become faulty and stop working at high speeds on the motorway or when the turbocharger gets hot. The fault on the turbocharger is either the electronics in the Actuator or the vanes sticking in the turbocharger. 

Repairing a Non-Functioning Electronic Turbo Actuator

We offer a full diagnosis and repair service. Every actuator undergoes an initial testing phase to pinpoint the failure mode, which helps identify the specific area in need of attention.

Following the test, the actuator is fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Any necessary replacements are made, such as the worm gear, motor, motor clip, and dust seal. The gearbox is reassembled and carefully checked for tolerances and gear lash.

The electronic board is tested and repaired as necessary.

The actuator is then reassembled and subjected to comprehensive testing as a complete unit. This test is conducted under both loaded and unloaded conditions. 

Exchange Service

If you require a replacement electronic actuator urgently, we offer off-the-shelf exchange units. We maintain a substantial inventory, ensuring that your electronic actuator can be ordered and shipped promptly for next business day delivery. To purchase an exchange electronic actuator, simply contact us for pricing and availability. You can provide either the G-Number (found on the aluminum side of the actuator unit) or your turbocharger's part number. As industry leaders in electronic actuator supply, we assure you of the highest quality and competitive prices.

For Vaccum Turbo Actuators which we also stock please visit  Turbo Actuators  

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Showing 1 - 24 of 390 products

Jaguar turbo actuator for 2.0 x type electronic for sale from stock. Solves turbo problems with Jaguar limp home mode problems.

Electronic Turbo Actuator g-221

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Electronic turbo actuator for BMW 330d G-107

Item Description
Chrysler 300C CRD Turbo Actuator Electronic 3.0 765155, 757608, 743507 OM642
Chrysler 3.0 300c Crd Electronic Turbo Actuator
Reconditioned Electronic Turbo Actuators

BMW 530 3.0 TD YEARS : 2003 2004 2005

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Electronic turbo actuator for bmw 3.0 742730 G-285

Electronic turbo actuator for bmw 3.0 742730 G-211

Electronic turbo actuator for bmw 3.0 742730-0004 (EAG125)

Short Description
Electronic turbo actuator for bmw 2.0 150 hp 731877-0002 (EAG103)

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Electronic Turbo Actuator for BMW

Short Description
Electronic Turbo Actuator for BMW 2.0 150 hp 731877-0004 (EAG103)

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Electronic turbo actuator for ford 1.8 tdci 763647-5019S (EAG32)

Short Description
Electronic turbo actuator for ford 1.8 tdci 763647-5014S (EAG32)

Short Description
Electronic turbo actuator for ford 1.8 tdci 115 hp 742110-0007 (EAG222)

Short Description
Electronic Turbo Actuator Ford Mondeo / jaguar 2.0 tdci 130 hp 728680 (EAG149)

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Ford Mondeo turbo actuator electronic for 2.2 And 2.0 tdci 712120 6nw008412 728680

Electronic turbo actuator for ford Mondeo / jaguar 2.2 tdci 155 hp 758226 (EAG221)

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Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes E270 CDI 177 hp 2.7 td 727463

Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes E270 CDI 177 hp 727463 (EAG167)

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Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes E270 CDI 2.7 td 177 hp 727463 (EAG186)

Short Description
Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes E320 CDI S320 CDI 2.7 td 204 hp 743436-0001 (EAG109

Short Description
Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes E320 CDI S320 CDI 2.7 td 204 hp 743436-0001 (EAG109)

Short Description
Reconditioned electronic turbo actuator Mercedes C220 CDI E220 CDI 2.2 td 150 hp 727461-0006 (EAG271)