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Turbo Vanes are a UK supplier of reconditioned CHRYSLER Turbo Actuators for GARRETT Turbos fitted with a HELLA brand Actuator and CHRYSLER Vacuum Turbocharger Actuators. We also offer new, repair, and reconditioning services for most CHRYSLER Turbo Actuators at very competitive prices for the public and the automotive trade sector.
Our CHRYSLER Turbo Actuator work is carried out in our own UK factory by our experienced Turbo engineers and electronics technicians. Our CHRYSLER Turbo Actuator repair service is the most cost-effective way to have your CHRYSLER operating as it should once again.
• We can repair, recondition or supply you with a new ELECTRONIC TURBO ACTUATOR for you to get your CHRYSLER on the road as quickly as possible.
• All our work is completed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and tested using an electronic actuator tester.


Reconditioned CHRYSLER electronic turbo actuator 

Turbo Vanes have a wide range of reconditioned CHRYSLER electronic Turbo Actuators in stock for most makes and models.

• 12 months unlimited mileage guarantee (ideal for taxi’s, fleet cars, company cars)
• Cheap Delivery to any UK mainland 
• Supplied on a DEPOSIT exchange, or send your actuator to us first

Find the right TURBO ACTUATOR for your CHRYSLER through the search box on the home page, simply type in the actuator G-number or turbo part number.

CHRYSLER Turbo Repairs
We also offer a more economical turbocharger actuator repair service rather than our exchange program for a reconditioned turbo actuator we can offer a repair service as the most cost-effective way to have your car operating to peak efficiency once again.
• Repairing your own actuator is an economical solution.

• All turbo actuator repairs come with a 1-year guarantee. We will start the actuator repair work immediately on arrival, the average turnaround for repairing your electronic turbocharger actuator is normally 3 working days.

In the event that we cannot supply a reconditioned turbo actuator unit or repair your turbo actuator, because we do not have one in stock or the turbo parts are not available yet – we can supply you a brand new actuator at highly competitive prices for your CHRYSLER.


Chrysler 3000C Actuator
Chrysler 3000 Actuator 
Chrysler CRD Actuator  

Please contact us if your Actuator is not listed!


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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

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Chrysler 300C CRD Turbo Actuator Electronic 3.0 765155, 757608, 743507 OM642
Chrysler 3.0 300c Crd Electronic Turbo Actuator
Reconditioned Electronic Turbo Actuators